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Hong Kong International Airport – Third Runway – Compensation for Skypier and the ferry operators

TurboJet, CotaiJet, Chu Kong Shipping and Skypier

The Hong Kong Airport Authority proposed to develop a third runway and associated Airport infrastructure and facilities, which will encroach into the waters for ferry routes between Skypier of Hong Kong International Airport and Macau/Zhuhai.

Due to the proposed diverted ferry routes in Third Runway project, Hong Kong Airport Authority is liable for damages to the ferry operators by reducing the earnings or stream of economic value. In order to evaluate the scale of compensation to cover all the direct and indirect loss due to the potential increase of ferry journey time, additional operation cost, and the consequent loss of competitiveness, a Marine Traffic and Compensation Report was carried out by Axon on behalf of the Skypier and the ferry operators.


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