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Temporary Traffic Management and XPMS for Property Development

AXON Consultancy provides turnkey solutions for Traffic related issues during the construction stage of the property developments.


We are familiar with the complicated procedure for the road works especially that are involved during the construction stage of a building, including the utility connection, hoarding plan amendment, widening of the footpath.


Design of TTM Scheme


Starting from the design of the temporary traffic management plan, we tailor make every TTM scheme to fit the need of the construction taken into account the cost effectiveness. Making every design that works in the minimum effort of our client is our goal.


Application of Excavation Permit in XPMS


We help you to handle every required submission, including the submission to Transport Department, Highways Department and the Road Management Office of the Hong Kong Police Force. Our specialists would make use of our specially designed computer software to manage our excavation permit in an efficient and professional way.


Getting Approval


We make your success to be our product. Our good relationship and track records would help obtaining the approval of the submission more easily, as our design of temporary traffic management schemes has been proven in many major property developments over the years.


Application of Road Works Advice


In the recent years, application of Road Works Advice becomes more difficult. Therefore, our professional services also cover the application of Road Works Advice in the Road Management Office.


Implementation of TTM


After the approval of the TTM scheme, we can also help you in the implementation of the TTM scheme.  Our technical team for implementation of TTM has solid experience in many kinds of road closure, including the full closure of major highways, escorting of construction vehicles, and were well accepted by the Hong Kong Police Force. 

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