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Frequent Asked Question (TTM and XPMS)


Road Works = TTM?


Tempoary Traffic Management (TTM) is required if you need to carry out your works on public road. Submission to Transport Department and Hong Kong Police Force will normally be required.


Who stops your works?


Application of TTM is complicated and it takes time. For the approval of Transport Department and Hong Kong Police normally take you about 3 weeks. However, due to the new XPMS system, you should allow about 2 to 3 months for a “non-frequency user” or even half year if you are not familiar with the system. Do not let TTM become your critical path. Please plan your TTM earlier with your Traffic Consultant!


XP hyd14 no longer exist?


In the past, applying excavation permit is an easy task. Just fill in a single sheet of hyd14 can grant you the permit within 18 days. However, the lovely story has become a legend. It would no longer exist. You need to go through a complicated procedure to apply for excavation permit with the XPMS system.


Why XPMS Difficult?


XPMS is not so difficult if your company have a team of people sorely for XPMS application. However, for a non-frequency user like you, it is more economic to hire a consultant to apply for the XPMS.



How many steps for XPMS?


There are 16 Steps for the application for XP through XPMS. The main items are listed below.


  • Registration XP Plan Registration

  • Assessment Urgent Work Vetting

  • Waiver Processing Processing

  • Permit Period Assessment

  • Case Coordination

  • Traffic Advice (TD Advice & HKPF Advice)

  • LCSD Advice LCSD

  • Permit Processing

  • Contractor Nomination

  • Permit Fee Payment

  • Works Management

  • Advance Notice (AN)

  • Permit Extension (Optional)

  • Completion Notification (CN)

  • CN Test Report UU Working

  • Early Completion Refund ECTO

  • DLP Inspection

  • Plan Updating

  • EC Refund


However, it is only part of the Flowchart for Streamlined XP Application Process through XPMS.


Risks in our works programme?


Any one of the above step goes wrong. Your works will never start. Any one of the government authority, interested parties can stop your works

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